About Us

Northern Experience Eco Tours was established in 1997 and is the original Tablelands-Paronella Park tour.

We are a small 100% locally owned and family operated business offering you a highly professional and personalised tour of our local surrounds.

Our Local guides are passionate about Tropical North Queensland and are familiar with all the local history, fauna and flora and have many stories about the area’s history, aboriginal legends and the ever changing ecology and abundant wildlife.

This is a ‘Must See’ tour for all visitors to North Queensland and we invite people from all over the world to share this beautiful part of ‘Our Backyard’.

What Sets Us Apart

We are the original Tablelands Paronella Park tour. The inclusion of the unique tablelands and the southern coastal attractions of Paronella Park  have made this a MUST SEE tour for any visitor to North Queensland.

Our guides are all naturalists who have been chosen for their specialty and expertise in eco tourism, the ecology and the habitats and behaviours of our unique wildlife.   All are locals who have had many years experience with all the local attractions and have an extensive repertoire of local stories and history.

Brett, I was very impressed with your obvious effort to provide a quality tour for your guests. Your level of energy, enthusiasm, friendliness and knowledge was above any that I have experienced. I highly recommend you and would love to have had someone like you working for me! Men like you who give every effort they have are hard to find.

Gary Willeford, Texas USA

I'm speechless!! It was perfect! Thank you Brett, so much for the wonderful day! 🙂

Magy Ivanove, Tully QLD

Fantastic tour - thanks for a memorable day

Heath Black, Cairns QLD

I saved the best for last! Great job - thank you!

Vargas & Maya, Puertorica

We finally got to see something real in Australia! Bravo. Your excitement as a tour guide was commendable.

Rob & Linda, California USA

Thanks a lot. this was one of the most interesting tours I did in Cairns.

Stephan Miller, Feldberg, Germany

A wonderful day. Anyone with an interest in Fauna & Flora should do this trip, Unbelievable views.

Roz & Phil, UK

Super Day, Super food! This tour is a must do. Thanks Brett.

Alicia & Gerald, Manchester

Having a passionate driver made for an excellent and interesting day

Eric & Julie, Quebec

Paronella Park was fascinating; the trip really informative and enjoyable and the driver top class. Thank you.

Alma & Dauko, Perth WA

A well balanced tour - your commentary and knowledge made all the difference

Stuart, Melbourne VIC