Lake Barrine

Enjoy a relaxing quiet stop in the cool of the morning at beautiful Lake Barrine filled with pristine rain water and surrounded by World Heritage listed rainforest teeming with abundant wildlife.  (This is a large Maar Volcano crater – a low subcircular volcanic crater lake derived from the latin “mare” for sea.)

This is the first stop of the day and includes a delicious morning tea (Option A only).  Lake Barrine are famous for their award winning ‘Devonshire Morning Tea’ of freshly baked scones and jam/cream and locally brewed tea or coffee.

Participate in the first wildlife cruise of the day and view the undisturbed wildlife in its natural habitat. This cruise  is highly recommended as it’s the best place to view the abundant wildlife.  On most days the banks of the lake will reveal a variety of birds including pelicans and ducks and other animals such as tortoises, eels, water monitors and various species of snakes including pythons, carpet snakes & red bellied black snakes sunning themselves on the shoreline. (The Cruise is only included in our Option A tour)

A short walk reveals the majestic 1100 year old giant twin Kauri Pine trees towering over 45 metres above the surrounding rainforest easily accessible by walking tracks.

Browse through beautiful colourful gardens with many native ferns, orchids and flowering plants.

If desired a quick swim in the cool waters is also offered.

Lake Barrine also offers a gift shop arrayed with beautifully designed local arts & crafts.

Options B and C have the opportunity to explore the walks through the beautiful surrounds of the rainforest in the early morning.  An opportunity also exists (if you are quiet) to spot the shy, tiny Musky Rat Kangaroo – Australia’s smallest marsupial.  (They are really fast so we haven’t been able to get a good photo to add to our gallery as yet.)

Options B and C can upgrade to include any of our extras such as monring tea or the wildlife cruise if they choose.  They can also purchase a drink and enjoy sitting on the veranda overlooking the lake.

This is such a beautiful place that you won’t want to leave!

*Please visit our Photo Gallery for more photos.

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