What You Will See

This tour covers a distance of over 300 kilometres in one day stopping at 6 destinations along the way. The ecology varies from the drier tropical forests through to a variety of beautiful wet tropical rainforest. Throughout the journey we get to take in many panoramic views including the Mulgrave Valley, the Atherton Tablelands,  farming and dairy pastures, the Palmerstone Highway with stunning  views over Mamu traditional lands and the beautiful Johnstone River Valley with views to Mount Bartle Frere (Queensland’s Highest Mountain) and Mount Bellenden Ker Range.

Wildlife is just that, ‘WILD’. When at the various locations opportunities for wildlife spotting are available when the wildlife are there.  For many species this can be seasonal.  For example, we may spot Tree Kangaroos up to 5 times a week for several months, and then not see any for the next 3 or 4 months.

At Lake Barrine while on the Rainforest Wildlife Cruise you will observe different kinds of birds such as ducks, pelicans, sea eagles and various other seasonal visitors to the lake.  Eels and turtles are constantly visable,  as are carpet pythons, amethystine pythons & red bellied black snakes. Water dragons and others are visible on the banks of the 10,000 year old lake. If you chose to take a walk along one of the many walking tracks around the Lake you may see the ever elusive Musky Rat Kangaroo one of the smallest & oldest species of kangaroo in Australia. At the Curtain Fig Tree you will be amazed by this 600-700 year old epiphyte that towers over the surrounding forest. This is the amazing Strangler Fig Tree (species-ficus Virens) which stands approx 50 metres tall.  We may also see the shy Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo, the Boyd’s forest dragon,  Green Ring tailed possums, eastern whip birds, Victoria’s rifle birds and various other species. Millaa Millaa falls is one of the most visited waterfalls in Australia. Falling 20 metres from Millaa Millaa Creek, the waters settle in a calm pool that is easily accessed for a nice cool swim & a photo shoot. As for wildlife there is also many kinds of butterflies, insects and the rare Lumholtz tree kangaroo just waiting to be spotted in the surrounding rainforest.. While visiting beautiful Paronella Park you will see many eels, turtles, fish, scrub turkeys and the miniature bats in the ‘Tunnel of Love’. Please visit our Photo Gallery to view all our own photos taken on tour.