Did you know? These rainforests are World Heritage listed.

The Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area is home to the oldest rainforests in the world, dating back more than 135 million years. Despite once covering the Australian continent, it now occupies a 600-kilometre stretch along the North Queensland coastline, but is still home to a precious cargo of …read more

Keep an eye out for… tree-kangaroos

Although most visitors to our region think you are pulling their leg when you mention the words tree-kangaroo, they are in fact a very real, and very rare rainforest animal. On tour we are sometimes luck enough to come across the Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo, this is the smaller of the two …read more

Keep an eye out for… twin kauri pines

One of the best know botanical features of our visit to Lake Barrine on our rainforest and waterfalls tours are the Ancient Twin Kaurie Pines ( Agathis Microstachya ). The Twin Kauri Pines have grown to an amazing 50 metres ( 165 feet ) and have trunks that are approximately …read more

Did you know? Cloud stripping in the Wet Tropics

How often we climb to the top of a mountain anticipating a spectacular view, only to find ourselves looking at the inside of a cloud instead? Indeed, how often do we look up and find peaks like Mount Bartle Frere, Mount Bellenden Ker or Thornton Peak obscured by mist? Anyone …read more

Types of tropical rainforests

Sub-tropical rainforests Sub-tropical rainforests are generally found where the rainfall is more than 1300mm annually and growing in fertile eutrophic parent rocks (basalt and rich shales), you’ll most likely find subtropical rainforest favouring sheltered gullies from sea level to about 900 metres. There is normally a well developed multi layered …read more

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