Keep an eye out for… twin kauri pines

One of the best know botanical features of our visit to Lake Barrine on our rainforest and waterfalls tours are the Ancient Twin Kaurie Pines ( Agathis Microstachya ). The Twin Kauri Pines have grown to an amazing 50 metres ( 165 feet ) and have trunks that are approximately 2 metres ( 6 1/2 feet ) around each.

They are aged at approximately 1000 years old and are believed to live up to 2000 years old and are almost identical to fossil kauris found in rocks 300 million years old.

This species of Kauri Pine have smooth brown to grey trunks. The leaf blades range from 5 -13cm in length and 1 – 4 cm in width with fine veins that run close together.

Both male and female flower with the male cones growing 4 – 10 cm long with more than 500 scales per cone and the females having between 340 and 440 scales per cone.

Only a short walk from the teahouse these trees are a must visit on our waterfalls day tour that departs Cairns daily make sure you come and visit a real living ancient land mark while you are visiting our region.

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